September 2019



It’s no wonder that Bolzano has been voted Italy’s most livable city. With mostly pedestrian traffic (and bicycles--watch out--the riders weave in and out!) along the streets in the center of the city, the pace is slow and the sounds are muted. The city is ringed by mountains with easy access via cable cars. The Adige River flows through the city, with walkways and parks adding to the ambiance. There’s a mix of both Austrian and Italian cultures, with excellent cuisine. Market stalls ring the center of the city. We strolled the river paths and took cable cars to Soprabolzano and higher, where we hiked along the Freud Promenade (Sigmund and Anna summered in these mountains) and another, with spectacular views of the Dolomites all around. Also resident in Bolzano’s archaeological museum is Ötzi, the Tyrolean iceman, who lived sometime between 3400 and 3100 BCE, and was found with some clothing and tools somewhat intact in 1991.

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